Fisite provides an inclusive array of market insight and business analytics services.  All our services are customized to the specific needs of our clients.

1. Brand Tracking Studies – in-depth and detailed understanding of how a brand is performing in its marketplace, who its primary competitors are, what category buyers consider as their preferred brands and the performance gap between your brand and competitive brands.  This delivers strategic and actionable insight on managing a brand for long-term success.

2. Customer Pulse – a regular and ongoing stream of insight into where customers are shopping and where they intend to shop shortly (60 day window = 30 days back and 30 days forward), their attitudes towards the economy and sentiment about their financial situation.

3. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) – measuring the satisfaction of customers as they go through the retail/online experience.  Real-time reporting of a customer CSAT index.

4. Customer Research Panels – Customer lists are becoming fatigued.  This solves the response issue by recruiting, managing and performing research with a dedicated panel of customers who want to provide ongoing feedback for brands.

5. Style-Wise – how do customers/category buyers view the next set of merchandise.  Identifying what styles they like and how much they willing to pay for them versus those styles they have no interest in.

6. Lapsed Buyer Studies – why customers defect and what can you do to reengage them.

7. Ad-hoc studies – what is keeping company execs up at night and what insight do they need to “get smart” about a business issue or opportunity.

8. Trade Area Analysis – what are the attributes of a physical store network that optimize a retail store network.  Identify retail competitors that complement retail sales as well as those competitors that can detract a store’s performance.  What is the performance impact of non-category retail stores, the community that surrounds a store, its weather environment and other impactful attributes of the retail trade area.